Nail extensions to form

Lengthening and strengthening nails using a form – one of the modern types of artificial turf.
Forms – artificial patterns that continue to create nail placed under its free edge.

Forms-based form artificial nails. Then, brushing the top layer of material spread – the gel, acrylic resin. After hardening of the material, the pattern out of it clean, nail file and give the necessary form. For this method of increasing the length of the nails should be 1-2 mm, as otherwise put under the form will not work. Duration of treatment – 1.5-2 hours.

The forms are made of metal, paper and Teflon. The most common – one-off forms that combine the foil, and heavy paper. They vary in geometry – oval, square, multi-purpose, etc. They are used for different types of nails. Since these forms are much easier to work with, they need not be sterilized, they are inexpensive and very flexible.

Metal and Teflon forms – reusable, so after every client they are disinfection and sterilization.

The forms are convenient because they have a scale with numbers corresponding to a specific length of the nail. On the substrate material it is easy to navigate. As a rule, building on the forms used in cases when a fingernail is difficult to pick up tips, as well as the correction of breaking and cracking.

Wear and durability of artificial nails made by a professional, do not depend on the kinds of forms, but the beauty is – yes. If you use paper forms are more beautiful nails, as there can be fitted to any shape nail, change the base by undercutting. With Teflon or metal to do it much more difficult because of their standard sizes.

Some believe that this way of building more complicated than building up on tips. But it all depends on the master of capacity, which decides which method is better to build up your nails. Yet it was felt that the nails on the tips more durable than the forms, but it is erroneous, because the strength of the nails depends on the method of building structures and nail on a well-chosen way of building. For example, vnizrastuschie nails better not to build up on tips, and tramplinoobraznye not recommend to build the forms.

But still more gently to the natural nail is to use forms. Therefore, we can recommend a thin and weak nails to increase the minimum length and shape.

Technology capacity to form perfectly strengthens natural nails. In this case the nail is not much longer, but it becomes much more stable and stronger.


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